Colorado is proud to be the home of 58 mountain peaks that exceed 14,000 feet. They’re referred to as 14ers, and are wildly popular by everyone from photographers, outdoors enthusiasts, those who simply enjoy marveling at their scenic expanse, and of course by skilled hikers and mountain climbers.

This blog has a sampling of some of those 58 peaks, and provides links for those who are interested in camping near a 14er. At the end of this blog you’ll find links that can help you learn more about the 14ers.

Pike’s Peak at 14,110’

Blanca Peak at 14,345’, Culebra Peak at 14,047’, Mt Lindsey at 14,042’, Ellingwood Peak at 14,042’, and Little Bear at 14,037’

Quandary Peak at 14,265’

Mt Lincoln at 14,295’, Mt Cameron at 14,238’, Mt Bross at 14,072’, and Mt Democrat at 14,148’

Mt Elbert at 14,433’, Mt Massive at 14,429’, La Plata Peak at 14,360’, Mt Oxford at 14,153’ and Mt Belford at 14,197’

Mt Harvard at 14,423’, Mt Antero at 14,275’, Mt Shavano at 14, 232’, Mt Yale at 14,199’, Mt Princeton at 14,196’, and Mt Columbia at 14,078’ are all near

Uncompahgre Peak at 14,308’, Handies Peak at 14,048’ and Wetterhorn Peak at 14,016’

El Diente Peak at 14,159’

Mt Wilson at 14,246’, Mt Sneffels at 14,150’, and Wilson Peak at 14,017’

Mt Evans at 14,265’ and Mt Bierstadt 14,060’

Long’s Peak at 14,259’, in view from the Front Range (Denver metro area):

While climbing even a single Colorado Rocky Mountain 14er is an impressive feather in one’s cap, and seeing 14ers are gorgeous off in the near or far distance, there are countless more scenic mountains that are a tad (or even significantly) shy of 14,000’. That means you can plan a trip anywhere from the Front Range to the Western Slope and be assured of majestic mountains!

Here are online sites that provide much more insight into these famous and gorgeous peaks:

  • Our blog about preventing altitude sickness.
  • for trip reports, conditions, trailheads, safety tips, forums, and much more.
  • What Are 14ers is another post for more travel information, and its home page can lead you to other attractions in these regions of Colorado.

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