To most, a Rocky Mountain High has to do with breathtaking scenery at incredibly high elevations …. which can truly take your breath away. There’s another aspect to a Rocky Mountain High that can take your breath away. It’s called altitude sickness.

It’s extremely common, and it’s absolutely no fun. Some visitors need to seek medical attention, while others have had to abandon their “high” vacations to return to lower elevations. With proper planning, there should be no reason to ruin your vacation! Consider these tips:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, & strenuous exercise the first few days of your visit.
  • Arrive a day, two or three early to give yourself some time to adapt, especially if you plan to be hiking and climbing (or partying)!

Another aspect is the sun. Prepare to cover up or use some sort of sun block. At these heights, with thinner air, you’ll┬ábe grateful you protected yourself.

P.S. Here’s a blog post that lists some campgrounds that are at least 9,000′ above sea level.


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