Haunted Camping

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Haunted camping has been known to occur at some Colorado campgrounds, and it’s all for family fun.

Many campgrounds will be aglow with Jack-o’-lanterns, quite a few may sport giant spider webs, others will set out scarecrows, yet two stand out with a month of festive scares you should consider for your October calendar.

Decorated golf cart at Jellystone Park Larkspur; just one of many contests their guests will enjoy.

Decorated golf cart at Jellystone Park Larkspur


Jellystone Park of Larkspur’s Halloween haunting escapades include:

Campsite decorating contests

Pumpkin decorating

Costume contests

Golf cart decorating contests

Magic pumpkin seed story


and possibly its own HAUNTED HOUSE!

Come on folks! Let’s stir the magic potion to make that haunted house appear!



The entire campground is haunted at La Junta KOA!

La Junta KOA is a haunted campground in October

La Junta KOA began building Halloween excitement 75 days early, through Facebook posts. Based on history, their haunted campground (yes, entire campground!) this October is sure to be a fright.

They’re probably rolling out the … well … if it’s a red carpet it’s sure to be the trail of some vampire! Perhaps for the faint at heart, we should just say they’re rolling out the spider webs.

Brace yourself. They’re telling everyone, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

La Junta KOA welcomes you for a haunting Halloween

Our recommendation? Take the family camping to BOTH, and to other Colorado campgrounds that will be brewing a little fun for their haunting guests. It isn’t too early to be booking your campsite!

Camping With Horses

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For those who travel with horses, you’ll be pleased to know that there are Colorado campgrounds that welcome the entire camping party. Here’s a sampling.

Winding River Resort

Winding River Resort

Grand Lake’s Winding River Resort offers a variety of choices. There are RV sites already set up with the corrals, or you can make other arrangements for, perhaps, a vacation rental cabin with a nearby corral. The resort also has horses, making it handy for those in your party who don’t have their own. Aside from riding trails, the resort offers pony rides, hay rides, and even sleigh rides.

Over the years, many campers have taken their horses to Westcliffe’s Cross D Bar Trout Ranch. They, too, offer a variety of camping options, including a tepee! All of the sites provide a marvelous expanse of sky, perfectly suited for star-gazing after spending the day on horseback.

Palisade Basecamp RV Resort is soon to be Colorado’s newest RV park when it opens (getting closer every day!). It’s located about a mile from designated horse riding trails, and the horses are allowed on the rural roads from the resort to those trails. We’ve been told the trails are rather spectacular.

Eureka Campground

Eureka Campground

Seeking higher elevations? Eureka Campground allows horses, and there are some mighty grand views in this area! Situated at 9,862′ in elevation, it opens in May and closes in September. This is a rather remote or rustic (although not primitive!) campground, located about 8 miles north of Silverton.

In the Montrose area, Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply can provide guests with more information on nearby places to lodge horses and ride the trails. That note came to us from Jellystone Park of the Black Canyon. Camping is also available at Centennial RV Park and Cedar Creek RV Park.

Further west, in the town of Naturita, you’ll find High Country RV Park. They’re very accommodating to those with horses, and you’ll be able to access some trails right from the RV park! They offer RV sites, tent camping, and several rental options.

While Bristlecone Lodge in Woodland Park can’t accommodate the horses, they have guests who camp with them while they use the nearby stables for the horses. There are many trails in the area.

Trail near Winding River Resort

The view from riding one trail near Winding River Resort

Outside of Colorado Springs, Falcon Meadow RV Campground allows horses if you choose a tent site. There’s a nine-mile trail nearby. The horses have to be trailered to it, though it’s only a short distance.

For those overnighting it and not needing to ride yet, Colorado Springs KOA offers horse corrals.

Happy trails to you! 

Taking the Less Traveled Colorado Roads

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The Colorado Tourism Office published this post that we’re adding here for our visitors to read.

Colorado is filled with beauty around every bend, at every elevation, and in all seasons. Let’s enjoy and preserve each one for all to enjoy.

Please read the 10 simple yet vital manners here:  Mountain Manners: Travel Colorado Like a Local. They cover such topics as following the beaten path, where to pitch a tent, and even what to do with the flowers.



Breathtaking 4x4 trails nearby ~ Centennial RV Park in Montrose    Awesome views from Muddy Creek Cabins (Kremmling CO)

Altitude Sickness & Sun Exposure

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To most, a Rocky Mountain High has to do with breathtaking scenery at incredibly high elevations …. which can truly take your breath away. There’s another aspect to a Rocky Mountain High that can take your breath away. It’s called altitude sickness.

It’s extremely common, and it’s absolutely no fun. Some visitors need to seek medical attention, while others have had to abandon their “high” vacations to return to lower elevations. With proper planning, there should be no reason to ruin your vacation! Consider these tips:

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, & strenuous exercise the first few days of your visit.
  • Arrive a day, two or three early to give yourself some time to adapt, especially if you plan to be hiking and climbing (or partying)!

Another aspect is the sun. Prepare to cover up or use some sort of sun block. At these heights, with thinner air, you’ll be grateful you protected yourself.




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