If high altitude is the theme of your camping vacation then come to Colorado because you’ll find many options waiting for you.

First we’ll provide snapshots of some Colorado campgrounds that are at least 9,000′ above sea level. Scroll over each image to view its description, which gives its location.

Then go to the list below the images to easily click into each park’s listing for more details (including possible links to contacting the campground, seeing their own websites, or even booking a reservation).


These are the campgrounds in the above images (in image order):

Black Hawk offers Base Camp at Golden Gate Canyon.

Cripple Creek offers Cripple Creek KOA.

Fairplay offers Middlefork RV Resort.

Lake City offers Highlander RV Campground.

Leadville offers Sugar Loafin’ RV Campground.

By the way, our Camp Colorado Guide provides a handy grid that shows elevations. Click here to order or download your FREE copy.

ADVISORY:  Before you book all sorts of adventures while you’re on this high altitude themed vacation, we strongly suggest you plan to prepare for the change in oxygen! It’s the most commonly overlooked step of planning, and one that many regret overlooking. Here are some tips to help you adapt.

We hope these ideas stir your imagination and inspire you to make plans to go UP for your Colorado camping experiences.

Our Campground Search page offers a variety of ways for you to narrow your search for campgrounds. We also suggest you search for more of our blogs, especially those that are under the Familiarization category.


Click here to find an RV park or campground! Don’t let this blog deter you from vacationing in Colorado. Millions create fabulous Colorado camping memories every year, without incident. Knowledge and understanding are meant to offer comfort, not fear!

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