LP REFILLWhile many RVers and campers have the great pleasure of vacationing in Colorado, we recognize that some are simply traveling through. Still, many pass-through travelers are needing certain services while they’re in the state. If that’s you, Camp Colorado has features for you!

Using our Find a Campground page, aside from finding a campsite for your pass-through road trip (RV site, tent site, cabin or other types of lodging options), you can limit your search to find some services which are often needed by those on the road:

  • Refilling propane
  • Dumping your holding tanks
  • Adding fresh water to your reserve tank

You can also further narrow your search to indicate what month you’re traveling, since many campgrounds are open for only part of the year. [Please, always contact the property to ensure that someone is onsite to assist.]

To show you how much easier it is to find a place that might meet your needs, here are two screenshots of our Find a Campground page:  FULL SEARCH and NARROWED SEARCH.

FULL SEARCH shows the results without filtering for services provided or time of year.

This screen shot shows the full search before narrowing with the search criteria options.

NARROWED SEARCH shows the results after limiting to find campgrounds that both:

  • Fill RV propane tanks and
  • Are open in January and February.

Search for LP in Colorado


The narrower the selection, the easier it is for you to focus on who to call for more information.

Clicking on a pin then takes you to the campground’s full listing page, including their contact information (we highly recommend calling ahead).

It’s our hope you’ll find this to be a very handy tool. Consider adding a bookmark to our site to make it easier to find for your searches!

Click here to find a campground.

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