Summer is quickly fading, the night sky is showing up earlier, and families are returning to the school activities, yet most Colorado campgrounds remain open for at least a few more months … and quite a few stay open all year!


Well, there are many who prefer:

  • Camping in cooler weather;
  • Earlier sunsets for earlier star-gazing;
  • Fewer people crowding the campsites, shower houses, and even the nearby restaurants and attractions;
  • Snuggly night air for cozy campfires;
  • Adult-style s’mores parties (maybe with a great Colorado brewski or wine);
  • Watching the aspen groves shimmer in changing colors;
  • Fishing … yes, even until ice fishing season;
  • Hunting for deer, elk, pronghorns, moose or bear;
  • And a plethora of autumn festivals, all across the state.

You might be surprised to find that even the most family-oriented campgrounds overflow with empty-nesters and seasoned campers!

If any of that caused you to pause, then by all means … keep camping! Colorado campgrounds are here to serve you!

Our Find a Campground page makes it easier to narrow the list of campground to those which best suit your preferences. You can even search by month so you won’t see the parks that will be closed during your planned trip.

From this link you can order a copy of our Camp Colorado Guide or download a PDF of it.

This publication is supported by funding from the Colorado Tourism Office, a state agency. Turn to for a comprehensive list of festivals, events, historic areas, itineraries, and community insight.

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