Glamping in Colorado is an option that’s convenient and cool for those who:

  • Are weary of sleeping on the ground,
  • Travel by RV but with more people than can comfortably sleep in the RV,
  • Are without a tent or an RV,
  • And now I know that CampColorado’s staff, including our Ramsey Campin’Ram, can choose glamping when we simply can’t get the camping gear gathered in time for our road trip.

But wait! What’s GLAMPING? According to the Urban Dictionary it is “Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.” Here’s the tent I had the pleasure of using when I first experienced glamping:

Ramsey Campin’Ram went GLAMPING at The Views RV Park & Campground, in Dolores Colorado.

So, what was it like? As I search for the right words I’m reminded that even as we sat on the deck of the glamping tent, I was speechless!

First, after a long day of driving, it took only few minutes to unload and acclimate to the space. Then it took but a few more minutes to settle into the chair on the deck and look around. That’s when the speechlessness kicked in.

The air was fresh. The trees provided comforting shade. The horizon provided Colorado’s breathtaking beauty.

When the gorgeous red sunset finally settled into night, that’s when the stars began appearing and the moon made its entrance. It was as if I could reach up and pluck a star from the sky!

The night sounds were also marvelous. From crickets to owls, it was a gentle and soothing orchestra to my ears.

To sleep in complete luxury … I mean to camp in a bed, with soft linens and choices of pillows, to hear the breeze gently moving across the canvas tent … ahhhhh, dreamland was incredible.

The Views RV Park & Campground (Dolores CO) GLAMPING tent

The Views RV Park & Campground (Dolores CO) GLAMPING tent

I was again speechless when morning dawned. Before I opened my eyes I could tell I wasn’t in my home. The birds were chirping, seemingly a few feet away, with nothing between us but the canvas of the tent. The leaves on the nearby trees and shrubs rustled every so gently. The combination of sounds was inspiring, and this was far better than any alarm clock could try to mimic!

This first glamping experience of mine was at The View RV Park & Campground, outside of Dolores Colorado. From this property you can see four states: Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. From my deck I enjoyed the views of Mesa Verde National Park, Ute Peak, and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.

Hey, glamping isn’t limited to where I was! As a matter of fact, I hope to be able to one day boast that I’ve glamped in all of these other Colorado options!

Let’s go in alpha order by nearby community (first, let me mention that you’ll find additional suggestions at the bottom of this blog post):


Arrowhead Point Campground & Cabins offers glamping yurts:

Yurt at Arrowhead Point Campground & Cabins (Buena Vista CO)


Royal Gorge Cabins offers glamping tents:

Royal Gorge Cabins for your Cañon City glamping vacation


Dolores River RV Resort & Cabins has glamping yurts and covered wagons:

Glamping covered wagons and yurts at Dolores River RV Resort & Cabins (Dolores)

The View RV Park & Campground offers the glamping tents that fostered the idea for this blog post:

Glamping canvas tents at The Views RV Park & Campground (Dolores)


Elk Creek Campground and RV Park offers a rental tipi (as seen in their FB picture):

Tipi at Elk Creek Campground (Grand Lake)

Winding River Resort offers glamping covered wagons:

Glamping covered wagon at Winding River Resort (Grand Lake & Rocky Mountain National Park)


  • The availability of glamping options is quickly increasing across Colorado. We believe you’ll find more of these options with each passing year. We’re also convinced that when our travel plans allow, glamping will be one of the first options to come to mind. We were delighted to be able to experience this lodging, and now we’re sold on it … well, at least when RV camping isn’t an option!
  • We recommend you contact each campground to learn about their specific options with their glamping units. When it comes to supplying beds, linens, pillows, or whether they even have bath and kitchen options, many details vary greatly. Some units have running water, while others are simply located near the shower house.
  • Always check with the campground’s office because some might not keep these toasty warm all year even though the rest of their facility might be open well into the snowy months.
  • We won’t be maintaining this blog as more glamping options become available but you can find the latest information on glamping by typing glamping in the search field on our website. Then you’ll see the pages (and campgrounds) that mention glamping.

We also recommend that you share this with those you know who enjoy the outdoors and might prefer glamping over hotels and motels. Let them know that glamping in Colorado should be added to their lodging options!

Glamping, RV sites and tent sites aren’t the only choices! Here’s an earlier blog  (click here) in which we posted many pictures of other lodging options, including cabin and lodges, that are also provided at some Colorado campgrounds.

Click here to find other RV parks and campgrounds.

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