Haunted camping has been known to occur at some Colorado campgrounds, and it’s all for family fun.

Many campgrounds will be aglow with Jack-o’-lanterns, quite a few may sport giant spider webs, others will set out scarecrows, yet two stand out with a month of festive scares you should consider for your October calendar.

Decorated golf cart at Jellystone Park Larkspur; just one of many contests their guests will enjoy.

Decorated golf cart at Jellystone Park Larkspur


Jellystone Park of Larkspur’s Halloween haunting escapades include:

Campsite decorating contests

Pumpkin decorating

Costume contests

Golf cart decorating contests

Magic pumpkin seed story


and possibly its own HAUNTED HOUSE!

Come on folks! Let’s stir the magic potion to make that haunted house appear!



The entire campground is haunted at La Junta KOA!

La Junta KOA is a haunted campground in October

La Junta KOA began building Halloween excitement 75 days early, through Facebook posts. Based on history, their haunted campground (yes, entire campground!) this October is sure to be a fright.

They’re probably rolling out the … well … if it’s a red carpet it’s sure to be the trail of some vampire! Perhaps for the faint at heart, we should just say they’re rolling out the spider webs.

Brace yourself. They’re telling everyone, “Be afraid. Be very afraid.”

La Junta KOA welcomes you for a haunting Halloween

Our recommendation? Take the family camping to BOTH, and to other Colorado campgrounds that will be brewing a little fun for their haunting guests. It isn’t too early to be booking your campsite!

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